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KE5BCCA4MCBP-E Kawasaki LSI 4.7m classification cam with 1.8v i/o
KL5KUSB220 Kawasaki LSI usb 2.0 to 100 ethernet controller
KL5KUSB105 Kawasaki LSI usb to serial
KL5BUDV002 Kawasaki LSI usb2.0 to pci bus
KL5KUSB245 Kawasaki LSI usb 2.0 to pci bus with 2.0 transceiver
KL5KUSB107 Kawasaki LSI usb combo - serial & parallel
KL5KUSB2CF Kawasaki LSI usb 2.0 controller - quick interface
KE5BCCA4MCBP-A Kawasaki LSI 4.7m classification cam with 2.5v/3.3v i/o
KL5C8400 Kawasaki LSI high speed 8bit cpu
KL5C80A12 Kawasaki LSI z80 compatible high-speed microcontroller
KL5KUSB116 Kawasaki LSI usb to serial
KE5B256B1CFP Kawasaki LSI address processor.
KL5KUSB101 Kawasaki LSI usb to ethernet controller
KL5KUSB200 Kawasaki LSI usb 2.0 transceiver
KL5KUSB111 Kawasaki LSI usb to homepna
KL5KUSB201 Kawasaki LSI usb 2.0 compliant transceiver datasheet (digest)
KL5KUSB121 Kawasaki LSI usb to 10/100 ethernet controller
KE5BCCA9M Kawasaki LSI 9m classification cam with 2.5v or 1.8v i/o
KE5BGCA256ACFP Kawasaki LSI gigabit cam.
KL5KUSB221 Kawasaki LSI usb 2.0 to 100 base-t ethernet controller
KE5BGCA128ACFP Kawasaki LSI gigabit cam. thermal resistance of the dph sqfp package is less than the sqfp package.
KE5BGCA128BCFP Kawasaki LSI gigabit cam.
KCUSB16 Kawasaki LSI usb universal serial bus. controller.
KE5BLME008 Kawasaki LSI 8k longest match search engine
KL5KUSB240 Kawasaki LSI usb 2.0 to pci bus
KL5KUSB122 Kawasaki LSI usb mini host to 10/100 ethernet
KCUSB3 Kawasaki LSI usb controller - quick interface
KL5KUSB102 Kawasaki LSI one chip - usb to ethernet controller
KL5A71006 Kawasaki LSI jpeg still color image data compression/decompression lsi
KL5KUSB105 Kawasaki LSI usb to 4 serial ports
KE5BLME064 Kawasaki LSI 64k longest match search engine
KL5KUSB115 Kawasaki LSI usb to serial
KL5KUSB108 Kawasaki LSI usb to 2 serial / 1 parallel
KL5KUSB106 Kawasaki LSI usb to parallel


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