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LD3300-8 Ldic 8-channel programmable +5v,-3v, mr head preamplifier
LDV5010 Ldic 41.85mhz; 3.3v; 70ma; dvc read channel device
LD3511-6 Ldic 6-channel +5v, +8v gmr head preamplifier
LD7010 Ldic super hdd-processor asic -eagle- ; intergrated hard disc controller, arm7tdmi, servo logic, buffer memory, data memory and ide/pcmcia interface
LC25TR00-20 Ldic lsi communication 2.5gb/s fiber channel transceiver
LD7005 Ldic 3.3v or 5v spindle/vcm combo chip
LD3300-4 Ldic 4-channel programmable +5v,-3v, mr head preamplifier
LD3600-6 Ldic 6-channel +5v, -5v mr head preamplifier
LD3600-8 Ldic 8-channel +5v, -5v mr head preamplifier
LD3514-4 Ldic 4-channel +5v, +8v gmr head preamplifier
LC25GR00-04/-08 Ldic the phy-er-chip r - 2.5gbps/sec fiber channel repeater
LD3501-4 Ldic 4-channel +5v, mr head preamplifier
LDS7011 Ldic serial ata-ide, gen 1
LD9004 Ldic 4-port 10/100/1000mbps layer 2 ethernet switch
LD4100 Ldic eepr4 read/write controller
LC15-TR03 Ldic serial ata phy - 1.5gbps transceiver
LD4000 Ldic pr4/epr4 read/write controller
LD3300-10 Ldic 10-channel programmable +5v,-3v, mr head preamplifier
LI10MP00 Ldic lsi imaging/audio 50-mega pixels device with single cmos/ccd image sensor interface
LD3511-4 Ldic 4-channel +5v, +8v gmr head preamplifier
LD3300-14 Ldic 14-channel programmable +5v,-3v, mr head preamplifier
LD3514-2 Ldic 2-channel +5v, +8v gmr head preamplifier
LD3501-6 Ldic 6-channel +5v, mr head preamplifier
LD3501-2 Ldic 2-channel +5v, mr head preamplifier
LD4200 Ldic newport 100-550mb/sec data rate operation; 3.3v (+-5%) power suppply
LD3600-4 Ldic 4-channel +5v, -5v mr head preamplifier
LD3300-2 Ldic 2-channel programmable +5v,-3v, mr head preamplifier
LD3300-12 Ldic 12-channel programmable +5v,-3v, mr head preamplifier
LD3514-8 Ldic 8-channel +5v, +8v gmr head preamplifier
LD3501-8 Ldic 8-channel +5v, mr head preamplifier
LD3502 Ldic 5v digital video camera preamplifier
LD4300 Ldic galaxy 150-850mb/sec data rate operation; 3.3v (+-5%) power suppply
LD7015 Ldic 3.3v spindle/vcm combo chip
LD3301 Ldic 1 and 2-channel 5v or 3.3v gmr head preamplifier
LD3501-16 Ldic 16-channel +5v, mr head preamplifier
LD3514-6 Ldic 6-channel +5v, +8v gmr head preamplifier
LD7000 Ldic +5v; 12v spindle/vcm controller and pre-driver
LD7000 Ldic +5v; 12v spindle/vcm controller and pre-driver
LD-LLC-0001-050 Ldic serial ata ip core
LD3300-16 Ldic 16-channel programmable +5v,-3v, mr head preamplifier
LD3600-16 Ldic 16-channel +5v, -5v mr head preamplifier
LD3500 Ldic 1 up to 4-channel +5v gmr head preamplifier
LD3514-1 Ldic 8-channel +5v, +8v gmr head preamplifier


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